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Breathtaking Images, Superb Sound Quality, Finger Tip Control and Designed to Perfection: Home Cinema That Delivers Pure Pleasure

Imagine for a moment, settling back into your comfy armchair, slowly dimming the lights, and immersing into your own dedicated home cinema room to watch your favourite movie.

How does that feel?

Well, imagine no more…

If you just love watching a really good film, top sport and your other TV favorites, what better way to enhance your total viewing experience and leisure time than by sitting in the luxury and comfort of your very own beautifully designed and crafted home cinema room.

Whether you’re considering a dedicated home cinema or a system designed to fit within your current living space, you can have a complete design that is perfect for you and your whole family.

Listen to the absolute clarity of a highly detailed base; the richness of vibrant music, or the roar of the crowd. The crisp and clear range of sound effects is there for your enjoyment – whatever you are viewing.

And watch the breathtaking picture quality as you see striking and stunning images that stimulate your senses. It’s as if you’re right there. Coupled with a keen eye for aesthetics and fine detail, this is true Home Cinema as it’s meant to be – and all at the touch of a button.


To Explore Your Home Cinema Possibilities, We Recommend:

A complimentary home visit. One of our specialists will discuss all your cinema ideas and suggest how best to achieve them. He will advise on your chosen room, and will carefully propose an elegant and satisfying home cinema system; taking full account of your total planned investment.

Arrangements to visit our purpose-built showroom will be made so you can see and hear the different options best suited to your desires and taste. You’ll be able to relax as our professional and dedicated technicians demonstrate every aspect of home cinema. And they thrive on answering all of your questions, whatever they are.

The next stage is tailoring your specific desires into creating a bespoke home cinema. From this point you will know exactly what your home cinema will include to perfectly satisfy your exacting requirements.

The final stage is to create and then carefully install your home cinema. What an exciting moment this will be.  Our professional service team will manage the installation through to completion. They will explain every aspect of your new home cinema so you can ‘take your seats’ on opening night!


Introducing: Control4 – Home Cinema At The Touch Of A Button.

The Control 4 home automation system is the unique nerve-centre of your entire home cinema experience. It can also intelligently control and automate virtually any home function you choose, and it’s where the magic begins:  

Control 4 immediately replaces all the remote controls you currently have. This clever little unit literally controls every part of your home cinema; from your Sky box to dimming your lights, and so creates your perfect cinema room ambiance.

It enables your equipment, such as a Blu-ray player, Apple TV, and everything else you have to be totally hidden from view. Whether these are located in another room, or in a convenient press, all these distractions are completely eradicated.

Likewise, all those trailing wires and bulky cables will soon be a distant memory. These are carefully concealed and protected, and be assured, your family and home safety is our priority.

Consider Control 4 as your own help-in-hand that enables you to decide in an instant what viewing experience you want next – and all at the touch of a button; it simply obeys your command.

The wonders, benefits and indeed magic of home cinema are here and await your pleasure. And we’re here to help you with your home cinema decision making, and to respond to any concerns you may have.

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