Customised TV frames

TV Art

Are you are looking for a sleek, unique solution to blend your TV in with the rest of the room? If you are style conscious you will eventually find that your television, although high performance and high definition, is a distraction from the design of the room. Harmony is the most important factor for someone who has a clear vision for the design of their room and anything that does not fit with this clear design will always be prominent and out of place, especially the television whose only function is to be viewed, and therefore draws the eye immediately.



Mirrored TVs

Combining traditional crafts with modern design and technology, we can turn your TV into a piece of art and improve your viewing experience. Our completely bespoke frames are available in a near unlimited range of colours, sizes and finishes to blend your TV perfectly with your interior décor. Whether you like a modern or a more traditional ornate frame we can provide the most compatible one for your design. We also offer a range of impressive features such as a special glass screen that magically transforms your TV screen into a feature mirror, or a button when pressed will cover your TV screen with your favourite work of art when not in use.


What next

To ensure that you get the very best solution for your home or business, our service starts with a Free design consultation. One of our experienced advisers will talk you through all of the options available, and help you choose the options which will best enhance your living space. Every frame is created to exact specification by our own craftsmen, and we offer a full mounting and installation service to complete the project.

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