Control4 Home Automation

The Control4 System

Our Control4 home automation systems are designed to make life easier and more fun, while ensuring they blend seamlessly with your interiors. Our unique Control4 home automation installations are specially designed for your ease of use. Through our easy-to-use Control4 interface you can intelligently control and automate virtually any home function, TV, Music, Lights, Blinds, Gates, Door locks, Security, CCTV and more...


The phrase "home automation" is used to encompass so many things that it's hard for us to explain exactly what you can do without starting into an hour-long lecture.
So here is a short and simple list of what Control4 home automation can do.

Control your home cinema and TV systems with one remote.

Create and control lighting scenes throughout the home.

Schedule lighting scenes to give the impression somebodies home while you are away.

Play Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Tidal and other music services throughout your home

Open windows, doors, blinds, curtains, and other motorised items, like your garage door or front gate.

View CCTV cameras and integrate with your home's security system

Control your heating

And you can do all this...

From one of the Control4 system remotes.

From the Control4 In-wall or Table Top Touchscreens.

From your phones or Tablets.

Voice control from the likes of Amazon Alexa.

Scheduled events while Home or Away.

Automatically based on other events like doors opening or motion sensors.


Introducing Control4 Smart Home OS3:

Home Automation Possibilities with Control4 and Amazon Alexa:

With Control4 It’s the smallers things that count:

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